BED - map .Bin EDitor
Last update: 3/30/2002 Download (445kB) Version: 1.1.0

Name of this util origins from "map .BIN" - file which contains information which and where are static objects (like buildings, airfields, FARPs, SAMs, military bases, factories, ...) located in campaign (at least before you destroy them). Additionally, it could also change which sector belongs to which faction (RED/BLUE) at start of campaign/skirmish. It could neither change terrain nor create new terrain (map) but it's useful to create new campaigns/skirmishes on existing maps. This version will be final for near future (and probably forever). Don't forget to read guide.
Now BED could display roads, rivers, power lines and borders.

Starshoy's BED guide
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Players reader
Last update: 10/13/2001 Download (273kB) Version: 0.2.1

Util which could read "players.bin" - file which contains all the statistics about pilot. It's useful to post statistics into forum. It could only read players. It would be no problem to add write capability but I think it's would be no fun to all have superpilots (althought all EECH pilot known to me are honest so they wouldn't abuse this).
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TED - Terrain EDitor
Last update: 5/5/2002 Download (387kB) Version: 1.1.0

Utils which prepares source files for TEG. Elevation grid is imported from DEM or XYZ file (downloadable from Internet and editable in progs like MicroDEM ), landcovers and roads are inserted manually. It saves these properties into files in native formats which could be read by TEG. It has similar UI as BED.
NEW - Added editor for borders (generated file is used by Border generator)
Useful in first phase of new map build process.
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TEG - TErrain Generator
Last update: 7/9/2001 Download (320kB) Version: pre

Generates new map for EECH. It uses files which are created and edited by TED. It couldn't edit existing map but it's not needed when you could create brand new map.
Useful in second phase of new map build process.
Doing extensive work on this module (completely rebuilding core of this application). Would introduce new features. Hope I will finish it soon.
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Terrain viewer
Last update: 5/4/2001 Download (288kB) Version: 0.0.2

Simple terrain viewer. It's terribly stupid and user-unfriendly. It has been created to ensure that what I know about terrain files is correct. It shows terrain by 3D sectors using Direct3D.
I hope I will recreate this util and maybe as a 3D engine. But since I plan this after I finish TED and TEG it wouldn't be soon.

Border generator
Last update: 5/5/2002 Download (280kB) Version: 1.0.0

Simple util which will generate EECH borders files from file generated by TED (.BNDR). This util should be included in TEG but since I can't find source files for bugless version I created standalone util.
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